Korean Piano Open
SeoulSouth Korea
16-19 August · 2023

Repetoire • 레퍼토리

First round Max. duration 20 min.

1. Two virtuoso etudes:
a) One etude by F .Chopin
b) One etude by F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninov. C. Debussy, .A. Scriabin, S Prokofiev, I Stravinsky or G. Ligeti

2. First movement of sonata by J. Haydn. W. A. Mozart. M. Clementi L. van Beethoven or F. Schubert

3. If time permits, a work of candidates choice

Final Round Max duration 50 min.

1. A. Shor-M. Pletnev – Piano Sonata (download or watch)

2. One or More works from different periods of the candidates choice

* Compositions performed in the 1st Round cannot be played in the Final Round.
* All pieces except for A. Shor-M. Pletnev Piano Sonata must be performed by memory.
* Program cannot be changed after the closing date of applications.